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St. Ann's Catholic Church Hebron, ND

Father Jeffrey Zwack

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Pastor: Rev. Jeffrey Zwack

As Catholics, we are not to focus only on ourselves but are called by our baptism to reach out our time, talent and treasures with our brothers and sisters.







"God does not call us to do great things but to do small things with great love." Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Father Jeff Zwack
Phone - 1-701-348-3518
For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.
Saint Teresa
Music & Liturgy: Harvey Tibor
Sextant/Maintenance: Francis Tibor
Custodians: Ann Margaret Kitzan
                   Brenda Richardson
                   Brian Richardson
                   Kerry Richardson
D.R.E.:   Diane Wanner
Parish Secretary: Diane Wanner
878-4658 -  Parish Office
Thank you to all that volunteer their Time, Talents and Treasures throughout the Year. 
WE, the people of God, of the church of St. Ann,  in union with the Diocese of Bismarck, under the the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are called to be enablers and facilitators of all the gifts and ministries within this faith community. We commit ourselves to create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging all members to accept their call to ministry.
WE will strive to proclaim the good news in word and in deed to people of all ages and abilities to enable them to grow in their relationship with their God and with one another.
Church Council
Ann Margaret Kitzan
Irene Wehri
Carol Wehri
Francis Tibor
Don Wanner
Marge Focht
Trustees: Toni Staiger and Diane Wanner

      Volunteer  Teachers & Subs

Sandi Tibor

 Jane Schaaf

Harvey Tibor

 Stacey Schmalenberger

 Carolyn Opp 

Diane Wanner

Sara Reinbold

 Tracy Tibor

Jennifer Hosman

Harvey Tibor

Claudia Wehri

 Francis Tibor

Sally Vogle



Thank you for your dedication to our youth.Let us pray for them throughout the year.

God Bless!